Jose D. Duran
The Cat's Pajamas.

StreetWorks - More at the Margulies Collection

In the final installment of the graffiti I documented at the Margulies Collection in Wynwood, here is what the backside of the building looks like. Unprotected by a chain-link fence and barbwire, it's exposed, inviting graffiti artists to tag it.

Jose D. Duran

On closer inspection, it seems there was once a uniform mural that has since been covered by puke-beige colored paint. Tag wars? Perhaps. The area doesn't seem like it can handle any more paint since even the palm trees, sidewalk and curb are all spray painted as well.

Jose D. Duran

Still, the work done over the previous mural is bold and colorful, done in the classic graffiti style. One of the tags takes advantage of the underlying art by just outlining the letters and not filling them in, letting the bright colors bleed through.

- Jose D. Duran

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