Jose D. Duran
Graffiti on the ultility pole at the corner of NW 23rd Street and NW 2nd Avenue.

StreetWorks - Graffiti on Utility Poles

Just east of Edgewater - that's the real name of the newly christened "Midtown" area - and Downtown Miami lies the creative ghetto better known as Wynwood. Between wholesale clothing operations and mechanic garages you'll find art galleries and collections. So it's no surprise that the area breeds street art.

Jose D. Duran
Graffiti on the ultility pole near the corner of NW 23rd Street and NW 2nd Avenue.

In my quest to find a subject for this week's post, I noticed a different kind of graffiti that rarely receives much attention: the graffiti found on utility poles. I mean it isn't surprising that most people walk past by them without even noticing, particularly in Wynwood, where a sea of graffiti, both traditional and contemporary, can be found at ever turn.

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Jose D. Duran
"Typoe [thai-poe]" on utility pole on NW 2nd Avenue, across from the Diet Gallery.

However, unlike the bigger murals, they tend to be more whimsical and witty, perhaps because the artists hope someone will stop by and notice them. Also evident is that most of it, at least around Wynwood, tends to be stenciled, but one could argue that anything that defaces public property, in this case utility poles, is graffiti.

- Jose D. Duran

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