Jose D. Duran
This mural is brought to you by the Ford Motor Co.

StreetWorks - Commercial Graffiti

So as some of you pointed out last week, the mural I photographed on NE 14th Street was nothing more than a paid advertisement by the Ford Motor Co. I revisited the mural today and you were right. Can't say I'm surprised. (Cue savvy PR talk). What better way to tap into the youth than communicating to them in a familiar way?

The "artwork" is trying hawk the new Ford Focus to a Hispanic audience, even pointing to the viewer to visit fordenespanol.com and instructing them to manejalo -- the Focus that is.

This has piqued my interest in graffiti work used for advertisement. Does anyone know of any other examples around the city that do this?

- Jose D. Duran

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