Steelers vs. Packers: Who Should Miamians Root For?

Miami isn't in the Super Bowl, and the Super Bowl isn't in Miami. So it's hard for us to get overly excited about the game. Last year we played host, and thanks to a certain amount of cultural affinity, a feel good story, and a strong presence of former Hurricanes stars it wasn't hard for many of us to root for the New Orleans Saints. This year, honestly, it's hard for us to pick a favorite so we turned to our old friends of random math of shady logic.

Former Hurricanes Players (5 points each): There's only one former 'Cane in the Super Bowl this year and that's Green Bay's Sam Shields who has done his college proud with breakout play during the play offs. Green Bay +5

Miami Natives (4 points each): Green Bay has Pat Lee from Christopher Columbus High, while the Steelers have Antonio Brown from Norland Senior High. Green Bay +4, Pittsburgh +4

Cultural Affinity (10 points): Neither cities are very sexy: the teams don't even have cheerleaders and their towns' hardly have any Latino presence. Let's be honest though the only thing Green Bay and Miami have in common is the fact we're both on bays. We're gonna give this to Pittsburgh for the fact that it's at least another big city on the East Coast. Pittsburgh +10

Which Team's Win Will Make the Dolphins Look Better (10 points): The Steelers this season broke the Dolphin's record for most regular season wins since the NFL-AFL merger, and a few years ago also broke our record for the most wins including post season play. We also played both teams this year and managed to beat the Packers, but fall in a close game to the Steelers. We appreciate the fact the Steelers kept the Jets out of the game and would appreciate an AFC win, but this one goes to the Packers. Green Bay +10

Who's Gonna Win (5 points): Let's be honest. Miamians like to cheer for the winner. That's why we don't show up to Hurricanes or Marlins games anymore. So we figure the favorite going into the game may play into some local's consciousness, and that, by a very narrow margin, appears to be the Packers. Green Bay +5

Total Score: Green Bay 24, Pittsburgh 14.

So there you have it, according to our undeniable reasoning the Green Bay Packers should have your support. Also, if 24-14 happens to be the final score in this game we believe we deserve some sort of prize.

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Kyle Munzenrieder