Steelers Player So Surprised by Losing to Dolphins That He Puked on the Field

How nice was it yesterday seeing the Dolphins make someone else sick for once? 

Dolphins fans weren't the only ones surprised that the team beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 30-15 Sunday. Steelers defenders weren't quite prepared for that either. They were so surprised, in fact, that one of them puked all over the end zone after the Dolphins' go-ahead touchdown. Losing to the Dolphins is a shock to the system, as evidenced by the following clip that went viral during the game. 

Steelers linebacker Lawrence Timmons was caught on camera watering the end zone with his lunch after a second-quarter, one-yard touchdown run by Dolphins running back Damien Williams. It was a pretty understandable reaction given the circumstances.

The touchdown gave the Dolphins a 16-8 lead, and they never looked back. Seriously, the Dolphins never did anything to blow this game. They won. It was weird. 

The clip of Timmons barfing all over Hard Rock Stadium turf quickly spread through social media.

The win improved the Dolphins' record to 2-4 and boosted Miami fans' mood for at least a week. For at least the next seven days, everyone can put the Ryan Tannehill hot takes to rest, but they will undoubtedly be back.

For one week, at least, Dolphins fans got a glimpse of what their team would be like if they weren't the Dolphins. They also got a glimpse of a guy puking his hotel room service all over the Dolphins' end-zone logo. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.