Speedo-Clad Dolphins Fans Plan to Keep the Tradition Alive

Whenever Brendan Riley and Kyle Ramey attend a Dolphins game in their Speedos, the team wins.

The two were caught in a viral photo in which Ramey, clad in just a beard and his Speedo, is seen being confronted by a security guard in the stands of Sun Life Stadium. As it turns out, it wasn't the first time the duo sported the swimwear to a game, and they plan to keep the tradition alive.

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The pair, who sewed the Dolphins logo patches on themselves, say they originally wore the costumes to the Dolphins vs. Cincinnati Bengals game on Halloween night without any problems.

"It was our Halloween costumes, and everyone just loved it," Ramey says.

"We won, so we decided to do it again," Riley adds.

So the two decided it was only natural to keep the streak alive by donning the Speedos this past Sunday. They had no problems while tailgating.

"We had our Speedos on tailgating, and no one bothered us," Riley says. "We walked into the stadium with shorts on. We took them off at our seats, and security obviously came."

"I was telling him it was just a bathing suit, like on South Beach," Ramey says. "We weren't exposing anything."

The pair put their shorts back on, but they were back down to the suits 20 minutes later and didn't have any further problems.

As it turns out, the Dolphins beat the San Diego Chargers, and while Riley and Ramey aren't Speedo enthusiasts otherwise, they plan to keep the tradition going. They'll be at next Sunday's game against the Carolina Panthers in their game-day best.

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