South Florida Firm Finds 90,000 Sex Offenders on MySpace

Not every sex offender lives under a bridge, in fact if they're not in jail, many have relatively normal living conditions complete with internet connections and MySpace accounts.

Sentinel Tech Holding, a Miami-based firm, specializes in detecting registered sex offenders on social networking sites and recently found a whopping 90,000 of them on MySpace.

This comes just a few weeks after a study by Harvard's Internet Safety Technical Task Force basically said that the fact pedophiles are online isn't as much of a problem as is the fact that at-risk kids looking to engage in naughty things have an easier time pursuing those naughty things. Don't get us wrong, it's well and good that MySpace is getting rid of the sex abusers (and wow, 90,000), but the real way to keep kids safe is through *drumroll* good parenting.

Any way, enjoy this SNL skit which is relevant to this topic of discussion. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder