South Beach Named Best Beach on Earth for People Watching

South Beach may be a beautiful, expansive stretch of sand along the aqua waters of the Atlantic, but it really doesn't hold a candle to the hotties that come to sun beach on it. So its really no surprise that Travel + Leisure has named South Beach as the best beach to people watch in the entire world.

T+L cites our "Gym-goers in short shorts," "women in skimpy bikinis," and "waterfront parties," but you just know in the back of some editor's head was "they're totally cool with topless sunbathing there, right?"

Of course, it's not just the beautiful people that make South Beach such a people watching delight. Let's not forget the assorted crazy people (dude who sticks palm fronds in the sand and rings bells in some sort of odd meditation practice near 13th Street, I'm looking at you), families who come later in the day and inexplicably all go for a dip in their full clothes and leave, crazy foreign tourists, and the odd American tourists who genuinely look freaked out and uncomfortable by the whole scene.

We're all in this together. Outside in public in as next to nothing as you're comfortable while watching and silently judging everyone else who outside in public in as next to nothing as they're comfortable with.

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Kyle Munzenrieder