South Beach King Charged with DUI

South Beach royalty Michael Capponi was spotted living it up early Friday morning at one of Miami's latest hotspots: behind bars at the pretrial detention center. Lesley Abravanel reports that the promoter and construction magnate was popped for a DUI shortly after leaving a Grey Goose-sponsored Asher Roth party at W's WALL in South Beach he was promoting. [Updated]

Capponi was released Friday night on $1,000 bail, and according to his Facebook was out partying for the rest of the weekend. As per his status updates he still managed to make it out to parties he was throwing at SET, LIV, the pool at the Mondrian, and the grand opening of Fontainebleau's new Arkadia lounge. Oh, you fancy huh? Hope he had a driver for the rest of the wild weekend.

Capponi has been promoting parties on the beach for years now, and also own the Capponi Group which deal with construction, design and property. He also dedicates time to charity causes, and has done a lot of work in Haiti following the earthquake.

Update: We just got off the phone with Capponi who referred to the statement that now appears on Abravanel's update post:

"I was pulled over at 3 a.m. and asked to do a roadside sobriety test. According to the officer, I failed. I went to the station where I blew .06 the first time and .06 the second time. The officer then insisted that, because of my past as an addict, I must be on drugs. At that point, I volunteered a urine sample and passed. Despite the fact that I passed the breathalyzer tests, they decided to keep me in over night. Yet I still have my driver's license. I look forward to a great day in court as there will be many lawsuits."

Capponi also clarified that he was not at SET on Friday, but did go to the other clubs but took taxis. He thinks the officer was aware of well publicized past with drugs which led to the arrest.

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Kyle Munzenrieder