Soulless Morons of the Week: Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson

If Riptide had been handing out trophies for 30 years of moronic behavior, Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson would have each filled three-car garages with our awards by now. Robertson is a TV beggar who looks like every Botox-addled evil old white man you ever met, and even though his dumb prophecies are always wrong (Damn, Pat, that 1982 apocalypse sure sucked!), he still hasn't put it together that God is feeding him misinformation to humiliate him because He hates Patty Boy.

And Rush Limbaugh... Well, he's just that fat racist guy at the Yacht Club who slurps up every drop of the New England clam chowder even though the kitchen workers add a bodily fluid to it every time.

This week, they hoist this trophy together--- hopefully in a lightning storm.

Like Cuba, Haiti is Miami's third-world neighbor. This city is filled with it's expatriates. So Limbaugh and Robertson took potshots at our heart when they discouraged Americans from sending aid to the country, and claimed that Haiti has been beset by disasters because of a "pact with the devil," respectively.

There's no real point in anybody of any office higher than a toll-booth collector even addressing Bat-Shit Robertson, but we still enjoyed this footage of the Haitian ambassador demeaning himself to bitch-smack the old charlatan with some facts to his face. Bam! Pow!

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