Sorry MILFs: Carnival Bans Cougar Cruises

This entire cougar craze is really out of control. OK, we get it middle age woman, you want to bang nubile, young studs as much as your male counterparts want to bang ditzy, big breasted young blonds. Rah rah feminism, taking control of your sexuality, and all of that, but the "movement" really need to pull itself back a little bit. It's already pretty much a parody of itself.

There's a recurring SNL sketch, a sitcom, a movie, a how-to book, and other riff-raff. Keep your cougar-y ways where they really belong: in your bedroom (or the dorm rooms of your conquests, whichever it may be). Do what you do, but not everyone needs to know your business, alright.

Miami-based Carnival Cruises has had about enough of it too, and says it will no longer let tourist agents books Cougar-themed cruises. A Carnival cruise ship played host to the first such event, but no more. Alas, the cougar is out of the bag and other cruises are about to set sail. A cougar cruise is set to sail out of Miami on Norwegian Cruise Lines next December.

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