Someone in Miami Might Miss Out on The Chance to be a Lottery Millionaire

One of you out there is about to miss out on your chance to be a millionaire. A winning Mega Money ticket was sold back in June in Miami, but so far, the holder hasn't come forward to claim the $1.3 million prize. The ticket will expire on December 15.

Florida Lottery officials say the ticket was bought on June 18th at the Davis Market at 21630 Southwest 120th Avenue. The winner has 180 days to claims their prize, of which only 12 remain.

In case you have some Mega Money tickets sitting around from June the winning numbers that drawing were 10-28-34-43 with MEGABALL number of 19.

Of course, some lottery winners wait to come forward until they meet with financial advisors or lawyers -- though that usually happens with larger jackpots and doesn't take quite so long.

We're going to guess that some poor soul lost the ticket, and we kind of hope no one who remembers buying a ticket and losing it on that particular day at that particular market gets wind of this. Could you imagine having to live with the fact you lost a million dollar ticket?

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Kyle Munzenrieder