Some Girl Named Cathy Got the Most Miami Valentine's Gesture Ever, Bro

Nothing quite says Miami suburbs like bad highway traffic and the word "bro." Some anonymous Lothario took advantage of both to send the most Miami Valentine's message ever to a lucky lady named Cathy.

All of Miami is totally jealous of you today, Cathy. Maybe it's not so great to be single on Valentine's Day in Miami after all.

Bro, like, I'm tearing up over here. So romantic, bro. Nothing says love like red solo cups shoved into gates and backwards Y's, bro.

We're not sure exactly which highway this hangs over, but we've seen it popping up on social media all day. Anyone who can help us out with the exact location, please leave it in the comments. Or, if you're actually responsible for this, let us know directly.

The only way this magical Miami moment could be ruined is if the girl's name was actually Cathy Brodwinkski or something, and the dude just ran out of cups.

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