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Some Cubans Back the Feces that Stinks the Least

A Canadian journalist dropped by the reunion of the Municipal Council of the City of Santiago de Cuba in Exile to get a feel for the Cuban exile's community thoughts on the upcoming election. Unsurprisingly a quick raising of hands found only two people in the room who supported Obama. Most think Obama is a socialist who preaches unnatural equality of the masses. Not to say that everyone was all that thrilled about McCain.

"Why do you like John McCain?" I ask the Cubans.

"When you have two pieces of shit," one of them replies, "you pick up the one that stinks the least."

So, how do the few Obama supporters in the exile community feel they'll be treated by their peers? Um, like they'll be choked.

"When you come over here, it's like the other Cubans force you to be Republican," she says. "It's still because of Kennedy and the Bay of Pigs."...

...The woman rejects this involuntary hegemony. She'll vote Barack.

"May I have your name?" I ask her.

"No no no no no!" she replies, and makes a choking gesture at her throat.

It must suck to escape a corrupt one party government only to come here and find out your community pressures you into only voting for one party.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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