Sofia Vergara Will Never Be Florida's First Lady

Bad news, you guys: it appears the chances that Sofia Vergara will ever be Florida's first lady have dwindled. "Wait," you ask, "there was a serious chance Sofia Vergara could have been the first lady of Florida?"

Well, she was dating Nick Loeb, some rich guy from a powerful and politically connected family who had flirted with running for a whole host of Florida political positions, including governor and senator. But, according to Page Six, the couple silently split this weekend.

Loeb, a great-grandson of Mayer Lehman (of the Lehman Brothers Lehmans) and the son of President Reagan's ambassador to Denmark, had run for a Florida Senate seat in 2009 as a Republican. He had raised major cash and had the backing of Rudy Guiliani, but pulled out after his wife left him in the middle of the campaign.

He started dating Vergara shortly after, and the gossip press reported that Loeb's ultimate dream was to be governor of Florida one day. Though, he ended up turning his attention briefly to the U.S. Senate Seat, but announced last November that he could not run.

Page Six, however, reports that the couple have now split:

The Colombian stunner and New York-based Loeb broke up over the weekend following a series of arguments, sources tell us. And, on Monday, she attended the Met Ball alone.

A source told us, "Sofia was confiding in friends at the ball that she and Nick have split. They have been fighting a lot recently and have been on the brink of splitting many times. It is not yet clear if they are over for good, but they are done as a couple for now."

Sounds like there's a slight chance of a reconciliation. Maybe Loeb will try to win her back when he realizes no one will care about whatever future political moves he decides to make unless he's dating Sofia Vergara. She's good for SEO, you know.

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Kyle Munzenrieder