So Who Will Replace John Timoney?

A Miami Police Internet message board is throwing out names on who will be the man to replace John Timoney.

One thing is certain: it doesn't appear that his loyal deputy chief Frank Fernandez (pictured here to the right of Manny Diaz and Timoney) will get the top post.

Fernandez, along with Timoney, got a vote of no-confidence from union cops and judging by some of the comments on the Miami Police forum, the rank-and-file despise him too.

The supposed front-runners are assistant chiefs Thomas Cannon and Adam Burden and majors Miguel Exposito and Manuel Orosa. The latter two appear to have the inside track.

In 2002, at Regalado's request, Exposito appeared before the city

commission to tell them that then-Mayor Joe Carrollo knew that the

police department maintained a secret dossier on elected officials.

Orosa is tight with Fraternal Order of Police president Armando Aguilar, who led the police union's support of Regalado.

Although the new mayor may want to avoid Orosa whose name is attached to one of the police department's ugliest scandals. In 1988, Orosa was a sergeant on a street narcotics unit that saw six of its members accused of beating to death Leonardo "Cano" Mercado, a Wynwood drug dealer. The six undercover detectives were suspended and subsequently indicted on criminal charges that they obstructed the investigation into Mercado's death. Four of the officers were convicted.

Orosa was also suspended for his role in the cover-up. He allegedly failed to secure the crime scene where Mercado was killed and allowed the six cops to leave the scene and discuss the beating with other. Orosa was never charge with a crime.

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