So Two Rappers and a Video Chick Walk Into A Gay Bar... Which Turned Out To Be Space

Why is it that rappers get into the craziest shenanigans on South Beach? Monday we recounted the magical story of N.O.R.E. and the angry Fatburger encounter. Today let us tell you the tale of Diddy, Xzibit, Superhead and the SoBe Gay Bar. It should be noted, that this is all according to a recent radio interview by Mr. Zibit

A couple years ago Xzibit, noted car improvement television program host and sometimes rapper, was celebrating the commencement of a new calendar year with his dear friends Sean "Diddy" Colmbs and video vixen and celebrated best selling author Karrine "Superhead" Steffans. 

To start out the night right, Diddy warned Xzibit to stay away from this Superhead lady, because she had a habit of putting her digits into the anal orifices of famous rappers and video taping the action. Shortly after this awkward interlude Diddy drove his friends to a club on South Beach. Once there Diddy took off, while Xzibit and Superhead went to get drinks only to notice that *gasp* there were two dudes kissing to one side, and a naked dude to the other. 

Horrified, Xzibit ran for the door out of the neon lights of this modern day Gomorrah into the night. His legs had never carried him so far away from a place before in his life. 

The End.

Update: Or is it?

Turns out the club wasn't a gay bar at all. Rather it was Space during After Hours.  Oh, Xzibit.

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