Snooki and The Situation Maybe Making Sweet Guido Love in Your General Vicinity

Poor Snooki, when will she ever find love? Or was it always there right in front of her all along? 

She was dating some random gelled meat bag named Emillio, but apparently broke up with him when she thought he was seeing guidettes on the side while she was down in Miami shooting the second season of Jersey Shore. As if Snooki isn't all the guidette one man will ever need. 

So apparently Tantra Lounge off Espinola Way was desperate enough to let the Jersey crew party there, and TMZ reports that Snooki and Mike "the Situation" overcame the two feet or so in height difference to lock lips like they did, briefly, last year in a hot tub. 

Is it true love? Will Snooki mix her pickle juices, fake tanner and hair spray with Situation's hair gel, spray deodorant and ab ripping serums into a sweet, sweet pool of post-coital gunk? Or was it just for the cameras? We need to know, ok. Because we need to make sure the local health department gives the room a thorough scrubbing afterwards. This is very serious business. Consider this a warning, because lord knows what could form and eventually crawl out of that gunk pool. 

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