SNL Lays Out Its Political Agenda for the Next Four Years

After weeks of successfully parodying Sarah Palin and John McCain, Saturday Night Live took a few jabs at the Democrats this weekend and proposed its White House comedy agenda for the next four to eight years. After the easy comedic material that Bush I, Clinton, and Bush II gave Dana Carvey, Darrell Hammond, and Will Ferrell, respectively, we've grown used to the president being a punch line. Now, with a likely (not to jinx it) Obama win, we might be faced with the unfunniest presidency since Reagan (okay, maybe SNL had some funny Reagan jokes, but I, like most people, wasn't watching it -- because I wasn't alive for most of it, but I understand his two terms were bleak years for SNL anyway).

So they've decided to cast Obama as the lovable, good-natured, straight man dealing with a cast full of Democratic crazies. In the clip above, Bill Clinton singing "Don't You Forget About Me" and Will Ayers and Jeremiah Wright singing "Crazy" is just gold.

So Miami, specifically District 21, we need to do our part to get us through what might be a political comedy drought by electing someone who is sure to bring the LOLs to Washington. Someone who will do good by us otherwise, but do so in a manner so ridiculous, so surely ripe for satire, so borderline manic we will have no choice but to laugh once in a while. We really have only one choice:

Too bad Horatio Sanz isn't still on SNL.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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Kyle Munzenrieder