Slow Service at a Florida Wendy's Foiled Attempted Robbery

Fast food really isn't all that fast. Especially in Miami (we've got a great work ethic in this town, don't you know), but apparently that pops up in other parts of the state.

An attempted robbery at a Wendy's in Longwood, Florida, was foiled after the workers took too long complying with the would-be robber's requests.

Like so many people, the crook thought he could get in and out of the burger joint in less than five minutes, but he wasn't looking to get a Baconator. He wanted cash.

According to Click Orlando, the unidentified suspect walked into the restaurant Sunday around 11:30 p.m. After a stop in the bathroom, he emerged wearing a blue bandanna and approached the counter, where he told the workers: "Give me everything you got."

The employees complied with all the speed they put into getting your baked potato, and the robber was running out of patience with their slow robbery service. So instead he turned to a customer and demanded the man's wallet. The customer flat-out refused.

So the impatient thief ran out of the store and into a waiting car and took off.

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