Six Degrees, So Long. 944, Howdy!

No doubt about it. Times are tight in the media market. The Herald's for sale, the Sun-Sentinel is bankrupt, and the SunPost is nearly cooked.

Now comes news that 944 has purchased Six Degrees, one of our favorite spunky little club entertainment mags, which just recently gave up the ghost. This is a medium-size biz, with branches in places like Atlanta and Vegas, but we find it a tad encouraging that someone is BUYing in this market.

Of course, if you read the press release after the jump, you'll quickly learn that we are talking cheap, cheap, cheap -- user-generated content and college students -- but still, it shows the kinda change that will help media to morph in the new recession/Internet world.

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Chuck Strouse is the former editor in chief of Miami New Times. He has shared two Pulitzer Prizes and won dozens of other awards. He is an honors graduate of Brown University and has worked at newspapers including the Miami Herald and Los Angeles Times.
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