Shocking YouTube Videos of Doral Mayor Turn out to Be Only Mildly Amusing

Sometimes politicians are dicks. Can't really blame 'em. If anyone reads Riptide enough, it shouldn't come as a surprise that I'd probably be a sarcastic dick too if, God forbid, I ever had to sit through painfully boring city government meetings.

Doral Mayor Juan Carlos Bermudez unfortunately got caught being a dick on the YouTubes! It's such a scandal that it apparently warrants a writeup in the Miami Herald. In the clip above, while talking about the design for city police vehicles, he says, "I don't like the avant-garde, designer, 'I think I'm Frank Lloyd Wright,' Pierre Cardin car." I kind of want to see a Frank Lloyd Wright police car. Seems maybe Vice Mayor Pete Cabrera would like to see it too, and begins fighting with Bermudez about this pretty inane little measure. The mayor tears Bermudez apart, in 'I am the mayor, you are just some appointed vice mayor' fashion.

There's nothing really meaty here, unless you think local politicians acting like kids is meaty. The other two videos can be found after the jump. In one, Bermudez is a dick to the police chief, and in another, he is a dick to a council member -- both in supreme sarcastic dick fashion. 

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