Shocked By Fact They Don't Suck This Year, Florida Marlins May Make Trades To Suck Even Less

The dozen or so people who can make a serious claim to being true Florida Marlins fans are stoked that his may be the year for the Florida Marlins! The year the team finally loses a playoff series! The Fish currently have a .574 record. That's the fourth best in the entire MLB, and the team looks like a serious playoff contender (not that most of South Florida has noticed). So management is considering making trades before the July 31 trade deadline to bolster the roster.

General Manager Larry Beinfest hinted to The Miami Herald that the team is starting to look around for trades to make to shore up any weak links:

If the Marlins are still in contention at the July 31 trading deadline, Beinfest said owner Jeffrey Loria and the front office would not hesitate to make an acquisition to strengthen the club for a late-season playoff run.
Though they're two games behind the Phillies in the National League East, they still have the second best record in the entire National League. So hopes for either their first division championship or a wildcard berth are still very much alive.

The Marlins are the only team in the MLB to have never lost a playoff series. Which sounds like something to be proud of at first, until you remember that they've only been to the playoffs twice in their 17 full season. Yes, they won the World Series both times, but it sure would be nice to see them lose a playoff series every once in a while, wouldn't it? Especially considering they're about to move in to their own (controversial) stadium next season.

Then again another freak World Series run would be kind of nice too, and some think it could be possible.

"I guess they're doing that thing where no one will really completely believe in them all year, but they'll be unstoppable in the playoffs, beat some interesting team like the Cubs along the way, and win it all," broadcaster Tim Kurkjian said. "Then I guess they'll sell off all their good players, play a bunch of 17-year-olds, lose 100 games, nuke their own fan base, and somehow blame it on not having their new stadium yet. I see."

Oh wait, actually that quote is from a 2009 Onion article. Yeah, actually, we might be content this year with a playoff exit and a roster the team can build on than another one of those freak championships.

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Kyle Munzenrieder