Shake Ups at Ocean Drive Become Clearer

The picture of what exactly happened at Ocean Drive on Tuesday is starting to become clearer. All Purpose Dark points us to a press release put out by Niche Media, the mag's publisher, last night.

As we were the first to report, Glenn Albin and Carlos Suarez are indeed heading to New York and will receive the new titles of Editorial Director and Creative Director, respectively. They will over see all of the company's publications.

In other news, the magazine's off shoot Florida InsideOut will fold into Ocean Drive, and the publication's Editor-in-Chief will succeed Albin in that position at OD.

Niche Media CEO and Founder Jason Binn paints an optimistic picture of the company's future. They will expand their Custom Publishing division (which producers customized, ad driven titles like Art Basel, Bal Harbour Shops, and Miami Dining Guide). Ocean Drive's new Midtown studio will continue to operate, and Binn says that the company's revenue grow more than 10 percent for the year.

Though, of course the release doesn't mention the specifics of recent layoffs, and only says that many were to eliminate redundancies within the company. The Herald reports that seven staffers at OD were laid off, while we had heard 25. Our source so far has proven to be correct, though that number could have included staffers not working under the Ocean Drive title (like at Florida InsideOut, perhaps), permalancers or part timers not considered full staff, or included other lay offs with in the company. So far no one from the Miami offices has returned our earlier calls for clarification.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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