Sex Tips From CSI: Miami Turn Deadly

Folks, please never take sex tips from an entertainment franchise known as "Crime Scene Investigation." Sex on that show never ends well, and it will surely never end well in real life.

Lonnie Lee White, 46, of Knoxville, Tenn., met Misty Dawn Wilmeth, 28, on the fateful night of March 11th. According to Lonnie Lee, Misty Dawn wanted to have "kinky sex," like any good Southern girl. But not just a few slaps and some bites kinky, she wanted the kind she saw on CSI: Miami, the un-sexiest show to be set in Miami since Golden Girls.

White says she told him to put his hands around her neck and asked him to choke her "harder, harder," until she couldn't breath. He tried to slap Wilmeth to revive her, but when that didn't work he drug her out to his yard and left her there.

White is now sitting in a Knoxville jail, waiting his trial on a charge of reckless homicide.

[VolunteerTV: Roane County man arrested for allegedly killing woman during 'kinky sex']

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Kyle Munzenrieder