Seth Meyers' "Fake or Florida" Was, Well, Kind of Dumb

Seth Meyers, the new "Sure, OK, he seems pleasant enough" force in late night TV is experimenting with new bits during his first week on air. A game show called "Fake or Florida" is set to become a recurring gag.

Meyers debuted it last night, but it came off a little unnecessarily mean.

During his stint on Weekend Update, Meyers was notorious for pulling weird news stories from Fark for joke material, and since Fark has an entire weird news section devoted to Florida this gag seems, well, a bit too obvious.

In the sketch Meyers invited three audience members to compete, one of which happened to be from Florida (and for some reason he made her wear a bra on her face). Meyers presents news articles and asks contestants if it's a real Florida news story or fake. Correct answers are marked with an old person shouting "Bingo!" Incorrect responses are met with a pageant mom saying, "Amber! No!" -- because toddler pageantry is something that totally happens in Florida at a much higher rate than the rest of the South and is obviously something that should represent our state.

It's, like, we get it. Weird stuff happens in Florida. And then Florida media reports on it, because we know it gets a lot of page views when it winds up on some place like Fark. The whole joke didn't seem that clever.

In actual funny things that happened on late-night TV last night, here's this.

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