School Cop Disciplined for Dressing Up as Gynecologist "Dr. Harry Beaver"

Donnie Riggins, the school resources officer at Lake Brantley High School in Altamonte Springs, tried way too hard to be the "cool school cop." He's been removed from the school after an internal investigation centered on a bizarre skit he delivered on the school's morning announcement involving a teacher trying to cruise students and dressing up on Halloween as Dr. Harry Beaver, gynecologist.

Riggins, apparently the school cop equivalent of Michael Scott, started his bizarre string of behavior back in October. During the morning announcements he tried to warn students about the dangers of drinking and driving and singled out English teacher Jacqueline Cahill.

Here's the transcript from Riggin's talk:

Let's say for instance you're at a party and you're doing what no teenager ever does, drinking alcohol. And out of the blue, Mrs. Cahill walks up to you. Now don't ask me why Mrs. Cahill is at a teenage party drinking alcohol but go with it. Mrs. Cahill walks up to you, she starts to give you the dirty eye. All of a sudden she says to you, "Hey Baby." Now understand something, nothing good ever follows, "Hey baby." You never heard anyone say, "Hey baby, I just got an A on my algebra test". But never the less Mrs. Cahill walks up to you , she says to you, "Hey Baby, how's about giving me a ride home." Now you know you have been drinking alcohol, but after all, it's Mrs. Cahill. And you're saying to yourself, she's giving me the dirty eyes, she's licking her chops' I think I should give her a ride. Now you get behind the wheel of a car and you're taking a huge risk because we all know of the tragedy that could follow."

Needless to say, Mrs. Cahill was none-too-pleased about the use of her name in the talk.

Riggins however apparently didn't get the memo that he should use better judgment, and on Halloween he decided to show up dressed in a wig, fake teeth, and a doctors outfit with a name badge that read, "Gynecologist, Dr. Harry Beaver."

That didn't go over well with other faculty. Mrs. Cahill herself told investigators she just shook her head and walked back into her classroom. He was asked by a vice principal to remove the name tag.

Police began an investigation into Riggin's behavior and he's now been removed from school.

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