Sarnoff's Antics on YouTube

When it comes to Miami-Dade County, no other Banana Republic in the southern hemisphere compares to our wacky tropical metropolis. Here, we can always expect a public official to find a way to bamboozle us. Take Miami City Commissioner Marc Sarnoff. The Coconut Grove lawyer has already proven he has a problem with telling the truth.

Let’s not forget he claimed to be the grandson of the late television pioneer and New York socialite David Sarnoff when in fact he isn’t.

Despite being exposed as a pathological opportunist, Sarnoff is still trying to cast himself as the outcast government reformer. Thanks to Brent Cutler, an Upper Eastside resident and a frequent Sarnoff basher, who posted on YouTube highlights of the commissioner’s disingenuous behavior at the City Commission’s regular meeting this past March 13.

Clips 1-4 show Sarnoff doing everything possible to absolve his staff aide Ryan Alexander, who contracted his own company to install a fence at a Coconut Grove park, violating the city’s procurement rules. Notice how Sarnoff makes his presentation from behind the podium as opposed to from the dais so he can appear like he’s just a regular citizen trying to clean up City Hall:

Clip 5 shows Sarnoff taking out well-respected and longtime Code Enforcement Board member Allyson Warren without explanation:

Clips 6-9 show Sarnoff going toe-to-toe with Miami philanthropist Martin Marguiles. Marty knocks Marc’s block off:

-- Francisco Alvarado

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