Sarasota Youth Football Team's Beatdown of Referee Caught on Video

Remember when the University of Miami and Florida International University football teams got into a giant brawl? Yeah, well, at least everyone involved was an adult and they all managed to keep the punches directed at just players.

It's nothing compared to the shocking video that has emerged out of a youth football game in Sarasota in which the coaches and some players, who are all about 13  and 14 years old, beat a referee.

The game was being held at Riverview High School in Sarasota this past weekend. However, the team was part of a youth football league not associated with the local school district.

Several coaches from the Sarasota Gators appear to get into a verbal altercation with a referee and follow him onto the field. They begin punching the man; then one of their own young players rushes across the field and tackles the coach. The grown men continue to throw punches at the ref.

Several other players and coaches attempt to get involved, but other refs and the opposing team's coaches try to break up the fracas.

The Sarasota school district has terminated its contract with the youth league as a result. The local sheriff's office is also looking to press charges. Attacking a sports official is a third-degree felony in Florida and could lead to up to five years in jail.

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