Sarah Silverman Urges Jewish Grandchildren To Tip Florida For Obama

The latest Real Clear Politics average shows Obama trailing McCain by only 1.6% in Florida. Who's going to turn the tides and put Obama ahead? Jewish Grandparents, according to Sarah Silverman. So as part of an effort called "The Great Schlep" she's urging Jewish grandchildren everywhere to visit their nanas and pop-pops in Florida, and convince them to vote for Obama.

Elderly Jewish grandmothers and young black men have more in common then you might think, she points out. They both love track suits and Cadillacs. Black guys say "Yo", nanas say "Oy." Sometimes they both have funny names.

"Yes, Barack Hussien Obama, it's a super fucking, shitty name, but you'd think someone named Manischewitz Gooberman might understand that," says Silverman.

And if all the young Jews can't get their grandparents to find some common ground with Obama, then she suggests they resort to the worse threat a grandma can receive -- that her grand kids won't be visiting anymore. "Vote for Obama, you get a visit, Grandmama. Vote for McCain, to me you're a shitstain."

Video above, language obviously NSFW.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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