Sarah Palin for Governor of Alaska in 2010!

We know, we know. You have seen this a million times already, but according to blog law S32.4586 section T, we are forced to offer our pithy commentary as well.

Anyway, Sarah Palin made her hotly anticipated cameo on Saturday Night Live this weekend as a glorified prop, and if anything it made us like her a bit more. In fact, we like her so much that we are 100% behind her 2010 re-election campaign for Alaskan Governor. We will stop at nothing to make sure that when 2010 roles around Sarah Palin will be back sitting in the Governor's chair in Juneau, just about as far away from Washington as you can get in this country.

No seriously though, the funniest thing about her appearance is that the Republicans are always harping on the fact that Obama would meet with certain controversial leaders with out preconditions, and they would use him as propaganda. Palin meanwhile can't even negotiate a spot on an American comedy show with out being used for practically the same thing. Alec Baldwin rips her to her face, Tina Fey continues her devastating impression, and then Amy Poehler does this awesome rap that basically sums up the ridiculousness of her candidacy. And Palin? Well, she just sat there smiling along.

Seriously, every politician that comes on SNL usually does so in a favorable light. Obama came on at the end of "haha, the Clintons have a sad, strange, strained marriage" sketch. Hillary came on after a sketch poking fun of the media for being tougher on her than Obama and got her own minute and half segment. John McCain hosted an entire episode in 2002 (clip of him in a Lifetime movie spoof here!) and had this funny bit last season where he even gets to espouse on a central plank in his platform. Palin just got made fun of her to her face, but at least she was a good sport about it. Right? So Presidential.

Well, I guess Palin did get to make one point. When Amy said "Obama", there was Palin chanting "Ayers" like it wasn't a stupid, shallow bit of dirty politics America is sick of hearing about. Whatever.

Palin/Parnell '10!

--Kyle Munzenrieder/

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