Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill.
Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill.
Photo by George Martinez

This Season Is Ryan Tannehill's Last Chance in Miami

If you spent seven years doing only one job, you and your co-workers would probably know by now if you were any good at it. Other people have gone from high-school students to doctors in less time.

And if you'd been paid $50 million for doing your job only 77 times, you'd presumably be pretty damn good at that work. At the very least, you should have a ton of five-star reviews on Yelp.

Yet somehow for Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill, the jury is still out on whether he's good or bad. Even U.S. presidents are capped out at eight years because everyone pretty much agrees that's enough. If Tannehill were in the White House, he would be on his way out, and no one would have any idea as to what the hell just happened.

So can we all agree that, this season, it's time for Tannehill to show us if he is actually good at being a quarterback? No more excuses. If Tannehill isn't an elite quarterback in 2018, he should be looking for another job in January. Period. Full stop.

Tannehill has been through three coaching regimes and has worked with so many offensive coordinators that he'd have to count them on two hands. His home stadium has changed names. His team's uniforms have changed. Virtually every teammate has changed around him. Yet experts, fans, and even the Dolphins still aren't completely sure whether Tannehill is the real deal under center.

His defenders have used every excuse in the book, from claiming he learned to play quarterback only a few months before the Dolphins drafted him in 2012, to having to play behind poor offensive lines, to having subpar receivers, bad running backs, and clueless coaches. While other quarterbacks burst onto the NFL scene and show what they can do with lesser supporting casts in suboptimal settings, Tannehill has been coddled every step of the way.

The reality is, Tannehill will likely always be just fine. But not great. And after seven seasons, the Dolphins should aspire to be better than just fine.

It's time for Tannehill to prove he is better than most quarterbacks in the NFL, or else it will be time for the Dolphins to look for someone else to sling the football. 

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