Ryan Lochte and The Situation Bro'd Out at LIV

In perhaps the world's most important bro conference held at Miami's biggest bro hot-spot, Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte and Jersey Shore star Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino hung out at LIV. The two discussed the implications of Mitt Romney's latest campaign blunders, the sublime beauty of the new Grizzly Bear record, and the legacy of German philosopher Georg Hegel. No, just kidding, they teamed up and flirted with hot chicks all night. #Jeah! #Twinning!

According to Lesley Abravanel at the Miami Herald, the two instantly struck up a bromance. Perhaps they bonded over being perpetually photographed shirtless all the time. Lochte even shot "a C02 gun" all-over the Situation, which, OK.

"The two hung out all night after having their pick of model-like girls rushing over to both of them all night," squeaks Abravanel's source.

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Ah, the glamorous and refined state of Miami nightlife!

And, as per the Sitch's Twitter account, apparently Weezy joined up at some point.

For Lochte, it was actually the second LIV he'd been to that day. He attended the Dolphins game earlier and apparently spent most of it partying at the in-stadium LIV.


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