Rumors: Next Season of Jersey Shore to Be Shot in South Beach

Jersey Shore has inspired a bit of local pride in us. South Beach has its share of classless juiceheads and bimbos, but dear God, at least it's not that. If Snooki and the Situation are "Gym, Tanning, Laundry," SoBe-ites are a tad bit classier -- like "Gym, Tanning, Dry Cleaning."

Well, the cast of the Jersey Shore has signed on for a second season, and MTV has confirmed the show will not be in its namesake locale. Their statement that the cast will "escape the cold Northeast" suggests it'll be a sunnier spot, and we're not sure how to feel about reporting that the top destination circulating in the rumor mill is, you guessed it, South Beach.

Reports the Chicago Sun-Times:

"I'm also hearing that South Beach in Miami is the most likely new setting for the 'Jersey Shore' troupe -- given taping episodes this winter in New Jersey would be far from beach-like! Los Angeles area communities are also being considered, but Miami Beach is the most likely site."

It could be fun -- like watching a car crash in slow motion -- but it probably won't be the best exposure for the city. We know a good portion of visitors on South Beach are Ed Hardy-clad guidos from New Jersey and Long Island, but it's not exactly something we like to flaunt.

It's not a done deal, though, and places such as L.A., Las Vegas, the Hamptons, and even Deleware are also being discussed.

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