Rumor: LeBron Flying to Miami Tonight; Fact: Spoelstra Likely to Remain Heat Coach

Even with a major piece of the NBA free-agency puzzle being settled this morning, rumors continue to fly while others are put to rest. That one about Pat Riley reinstating himself as coach of the Heat? As far as Chris Bosh has heard, current coach Eric Spoelstra is staying put. That one about LeBron James flying to Miami tonight? Who knows? Especially if you consider that Miami native Chad Ochocinco reportedly has "the schoop" that James is heading to the Knicks.

As with all rumors nowadays, most are flying from Twitter. Miami Herald sports reporter Michael Wallace tweets that in an interview with the paper, Chris Bosh says he's pretty sure Riley is not returning as coach and that Spoelstra will retain his title.

"That made that clear. Dwyane made that clear. Pat made it clear. Erik's the guy," Bosh said.

Wallace also tweets, "Hearing that LeBron flying to South Florida tonight to dine with Wade, Bosh. Could be blockbuster info. Or BS."

We just heard a similar rumor here at New Times HQ, namely that LeBron has made reservations at a downtown Miami hotel and police have been notified of "something."

Take it for what's it's worth, because apparently Liberty City boy Chad Ochocinco is hearing different things and reports on his Twitter feed: "#OCNNBREAKINGNEWS *Empire State of Mind* *wink* *wink* only the smart folk will put this together and figure out what i am talking about #6"

>Do you really have to be that smart to figure it out? Unless, of course, Ochocinco isn't referring to the Empire State but rather to a new NBA empire in the Sunshine State. We never really could understand the mind of Ochocinco.

Lest we not forget, though, Wade was once in a "Empire State of mind" too, and look how that turned out.

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