Romney Campaign: Obama Doesn't Have Enough 'Macho Bravado' For Latinos

A new poll released this morning insinuated that President Obama was losing ground to Mitt Romney among Florida's Latino voters, and apparently Romney staffers have a theory why: Obama doesn't have enough "macho bravado" for Latinos. 

This comes from an anonymous campaign adviser who spoke to BuzzFeed
Romney aides told BuzzFeed their polling indicates that Obama's biggest vulnerability among Hispanics is that he's viewed as a "weak leader." In much of Latino culture, they explained, political leaders are expected to demonstrate a macho bravado, and Obama's debate performance last month -- with his verbal pauses, downward gaze, and weak defense of his own record -- seemed to exacerbate the incumbent's perception problem.
"Hispanic voters were also reminded of the real Barack Obama -- the weak and ineffective leader who failed to deliver on any of the promises he made 4 years ago," said the adviser.

The Romney camp also pointed to Obama's weak performance during the Univision forum held at the University of Miami. 

So apparently Obama needs to take a few pointers from his running Joe Biden, who, in our opinion, seemed to show the most "macho bravado" during this debate season so far. Or maybe the Romney camp is trafficking in cheap stereotypes of an extremely complex demographic of voters. 

Though, the Obama camp said that the FIU/Miami Herald poll was misleading as it over-sampled Cuban-American voters, who tend to be more conservative than other Hispanic voters. The campaign also pointed to the fact that Obama has a 32 point lead among Hispanics nationwide. 

Without Cubans, Obama would also lead Hispanics in Florida by 31 points. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder