Rob Kardashian Handcuffed By Miami Beach Police This Weekend: New Video
via TMZ

Rob Kardashian Handcuffed By Miami Beach Police This Weekend: New Video

Rob Kardashian, the only member of America's favorite family of fame monsters to have a Y chromosome, was briefly detained by Miami Beach police early Sunday morning after a confrontation with a paparazzo.

According to video obtained by TMZ, the pap was videotaping Kardashian getting into a tiff with a female friend. Kardashian noticed and ended up following the videographer into a nearby smoke shop. That's when Miami Beach bicycle cops got involved and entered the shop. In the video, they handcuff Kardashian while yelling at him numerous times, "Don't resist," even though he's not resisting at all.

Meanwhile, the pap is shouting about how Kardashian was trying to kill him. Carlos Miller, for one, would be pleased to know the cops apparently had no problem with him filming the arrest.

Kardashian was briefly detained in the back of a squad car but, after discussing the matter with police, was allowed to go free. No charges were filed.

No word on whether mama Kris Jenner is disappointed or secretly stoked about the publicity. It might make a great storyline for the next season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

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