Road Ragin' Miami-Dade Firefighter Arrested for Impersonating Miami-Dade Police Officer

In all fairness, Miami-Dade firefighter Osvaldo Alvarez did a pretty good job impersonating a local police officer, right down to the being-a-bit-corrupt details, but it wasn't good enough to get away from actual local cops.

Alvarez, 52, was booked yesterday for impersonating an officer, burglary and battery.

According to CBS Miami, the firefighter was driving along SW 81st Avenue yesterday when he caught a bad case of road rage. Alvarez yelled at a driver next to him that he needed "to drive better." The other driver flipped Alvarez off, as is customary in Miami-Dade County, but Alvarez couldn't let he go. He then followed the other driver into a nearby parking lot.

Alvarez got out of his truck and approached the other driver. The driver apologized after rolling the car window down, but that wasn't good enough for Alvarez. He grabbed the other driver's hand and sniped, "I could arrest you for trying to run me over."

At the time Alvarez was wearing a Miami-Dade Police t-shirt. Witnesses claim that Alvarez identified himself numerous times as a police officer.

When real officers arrived they quickly discovered that Alvarez was not indeed a cop, but a firefighter.

He was arrested and is being held on a hefty $28,000 bond. Prosecutors noted that Alvarez was also charged with impersonation back in 2002.

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