Ricky Williams Wants a Reality Show, But What Should it Be?

Dolphins running back Ricky Williams is looking for a way to pay down some his debts and is reportedly in talks with the production company behind Chad Ochocinco's VH1 dating show to star in a reality show. No word on what the format will be, but since he got hitched last year, we doubt there'll be Ricky Williams's Dimebag of Love. So what should a Williams reality show look like? We have some ideas. 

Little Stoners, Big Ricky

For whatever bizarre reason reality shows staring little people are huge right now -- Little People, Big World, The Little Chocolate, The Little Couple, Pit Boss. What would be better than 230 lb Williams moving to California and opening a medical marijuana dispensary staffed entirely by little people? Well, probably lots of things, but the fun of watching stones customers coming in and stuttering, "Holy crap dude, everyone here looks like 3 inches tall."

Ricky Cakes

Also having an odd reality tv stardom moment are cakes. There are so many cake tv shows! Most of them focus on the creation of cakes, but why not one focusing on the destruction of cakes? Every week a new baker comes in to create a series of gigantic cakes. At the end of each episode Ricky runs through the cakes, and then catches a football-shaped cake ...in his mouth! Yum! 

Say Hell Yes to the Oversized Dress

Drawing on his experience wearing a wedding dress for that infamous ESPN magazine cover with Mike Ditka, maybe Williams can open a bridal store for NFL-sized brides and drag queens. Potential cameo by Dennis Rodman. 

Ricky William's Life on the D-List

Williams is notoriously shy, so what better way to get him to come out of his shell than pairing him with the kind of loud mouthed extrovert who say's whatever's on her mind like Kathy Griffin? It'll be like The Odd Couple for a new generation. Only problem is that having to be around Kathy that long is likely to drive any straight man back to their dependence on weed. Not that we'd blame him. 

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