Ricky Williams Dresses as Jason Taylor for Halloween

Oh, girl, who knew Dolphins players could get so catty? And not just wild catty. Ricky Williams showed up at the team's Halloween bash last night dressed as former teammate Jason Taylor. Poking fun at Taylor's run on Dancing With the Stars, Williams wore a getup that included a giant plastic head, foam six-pack, tight black outfit, and a dancing partner.

Check out NBCMiami for the video. The site reports the costume was most likely a freezing-cold dish of revenge. After Williams announced his retirement in 2004 amid a number of personal struggles, Taylor publicly called the troubled running back a "quitter." He then showed up to the team's costume party in dreadlocks, sunglasses, and Williams's number 34 jersey. (At least he didn't include a bong.)

Taylor left the Dolphins in the off-season for, of all teams, the New York Jets. Though it seemed Bill Parcells (who probably deserves to be publicly called out as a quitter) had no interest in bringing back the then-fan-favorite, there's been little love lost for Taylor since he packed his bags for New Jersey.

Our takeaway from Williams's message: Sometimes it's better to be a quitter than a traitor.

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Kyle Munzenrieder