Rick Scott Sued For Not Picking New Lt. Governor

It's been over nine months since former Lt. Gov Jennifer Carroll resigned in disgrace, and Rick Scott has still not picked a replacement. Sure, it's not like the lieutenant governor, and as long as Scott doesn't bite the dust, Florida can run pretty smoothly without one. But new lawsuit claims that Scott is breaking the law by not naming a replacement.

Barbara DeVane, a registered lobbyist Florida National Organization for Women and a longtime Democratic activist, has filed a lawsuit asking the state Supreme Court to force Scott to pick a replacement within 30 days.

Scott has stated that he agrees that Florida law makes it clear that he needs to pick a replacement, but the law says nothing about how long that process should take. Nine months seems to be pushing it. All Scott has to do is pick a running mate two months before the November election, but he wouldn't even necessarily need to appoint that person officially to the position.

In the meantime, if Scott were to resign or die in office Attorney General Pam Bondi would take over. (Oh boy!)

"Of course everything these days is political, but I'm not doing this for any political party," DeVane told the Associated Press. "I'm just doing it because I'm a citizen and a taxpayer who thinks the governor should follow the law and do his job."

Scott is believed to hope to make a pick that could help his reelection chances. A short list of four possible candidates was leaked to the press in November, but two people on that list almost immediately publicly took themselves out of the running. Tom Lee, a former state senate president and Hillsborough County Commissioner Sandy Murman were the only two names left standing, though its telling Scott hasn't been in a rush to pick either.

Of course, we're still behind our suggestion that Scott pick Tim Tebow as his running mate, but he just signed a deal with ESPN. Oh well.

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