Rick Scott Joins Instagram! Finally, More Pictures of Rick Scott!

Because obviously the key to getting Rick Scott reelected is to show people lots and lots of pictures of Rick Scott, the Governor's campaign has officially started its own Instagram account. Using the handle @ScottForFlorida (because @RickScott was taken by this very nice seeming husband and firefighter), the account promises to give followers a behind-the-scenes look at Scott's campaign and lots and lots of pictures of Scott himself.

The account only three hours old but already includes three photos and a video. Off to a strong start. In case you're wondering, the Governor's preferred filter appears to be X-Pro II so far.

While most of us rely on selfies, Scott apparently has someone else following him around taking pictures.

The Orlando Sentinel points out that the account may be just another way for Scott to bypass the traditional media and take his case directly to voters.

Instagram is an odd choice, considering that the vast majority of its users are under 30, and that the site attracts a user base that is more female and African-American than the general population. You know, the exact kind of people that don't tend to vote for Republicans. Is there really an overlap between people who are genuinely excited about both Tea Party-hardliner Rick Scott and their friends' super-cute selfies? Granted it's only his first day, but so far there only seems to be 66 people following him.

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