Rick Scott Claims He Actually Won the Cuban Vote by 35 Points

Charlie Crist won the Cuban vote by four points, according to the day-of Edison Research exit polls used by most of the media. Those polls also showed Crist winning the overall Hispanic vote by 20 points.

Rick Scott's own internal polls, however, claim that he won the Cuban vote by a whopping 65-30 split, and that he pulled about even with Crist in the overall Hispanic vote.

Scott's campaign hired OnMessage Inc., a GOP polling firm, to conduct its own post-election polling. The firm called up 1,000 voters a week after the election (which does present a possible problem of people telling pollsters they voted for the winner when they actually didn't).

The polls claims that Scott received 47 percent of the Hispanic vote compared to Crist's 49.

Edison Research, which provides exit polls for media outlets like CNN and conducts those polls at polling places, claimed that Crist won the Hispanic vote 58-38.

Edison also showed the Crist narrowly won the Cuban vote by 50-46. Scott's polls however claim he won Cubans 65-30.

Though, the Miami Herald points out that the sample size of Hispanic voters in OnMessage poll was just 304, and the exact number of Cubans surveyed isn't known. Edison's polls meanwhile only surveyed 357 Hispanics.

A third post-election poll conducted by Latino Decisions of 400 Hispanic voters showed a result somewhere in the middle: they claim Crist won Hispanics 52-45. That poll did not break down the Hispanic vote by country of origin.

OnMessage's findings wouldn't be completely shocking, however. Scott won Hispanics in 2010 by a narrow two point margin (or at least according to Edison's own findings).

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Kyle Munzenrieder