Rick Scott Cancels Fundraiser That Would Have Featured Gator Killing

As his reelection efforts ramp up, Florida Governor Rick Scott thought it would be a good idea to raise money by killing some of Florida's most iconic creatures. He was all set to host a $25,000-a-person gator hunt in mid-October.

Now Scott has canceled the event. Not because it was a weird way to raise cash, but likely because another prominent Republican wondered if Scott would have to manipulate Florida's alligator hunting permit process to pull off the hunt.

Saint Petersblog printed the invite for the pricey affair on Monday, and pointed out that Republican politicians have hosted similar affairs in Louisiana. Unlike Florida however, Louisiana actually has a gator overpopulation problem.

The event was to be held October 18th in New Smyrna Beach.

Then Paula Dockery, a former Republican state Senator who ran against Scott in the 2010 primary, asked a few simple questions on Twitter.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission issues 5,000 permits a year for a mini-alligator season that runs from August 15th until November 1st. Permits are issued through a lottery, and Dockery simply wondered how Scott would get permits for participants who had not previously secured one through the lottery.

Now according to the Buzz, Scott has canceled the event. No official reason was given, but it's not hard to imagine why.

We're still left wondering who would pay $25,000 to hunt gators with Rick Scott. We're actually curious if anyone would do this for free?

In any event, it's not the first fundraiser controversy this week for Florida's Republican incumbents. Attorney General Pam Bondi apologized after she had the execution of a brutal murderer and rapist postponed so she could attend her own pricey fundraiser.

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