Ric Bucher's Story of "Miami Heat's Hijacking of the NBA" Coming to Bookstores

It was only a matter of time until someone wrote a book about the Miami Heat's amazing off-season in which it secured three of the biggest prizes of a historic free-agency class. Of course, we doubt Ric Bucher's tome, tentatively titled Overheated (har-har), will be sitting on the bookshelves of Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, and Chris Bosh anytime soon.

Bucher, an NBA analyst for ESPN and ESPN.com, is the first to secure a deal to publish a book about Miami Thrice.

The book doesn't have a release date set, nor are there details about Bucher's paycheck for penning it, but it promises to tell the "behind-the-scenes story of the Miami Heat's hijacking of the NBA" and "resulting upheaval across the entire league, from Nike headquarters to the Knicks' war room, from South Beach to Cleveland, L.A. to the Boston parque -- in short, the struggle for the future of professional basketball."

Doesn't sound like pleasant beach reading for Heat fans, but taking a negative slant will probably sell more books nationally. You can have your books, haters; we'll take our championships.

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