Reporters Covering Miami Heat Training Camp Must Pass Military Background Check

For this year's training camp the Miami Heat have gone way up North in Florida to the real South, and will be holding court at the Hurlburt Field and Eglin Air Force Base in Fort Walton Beach in the Panhandle. Yes Pat Riley and crew are keeping the on-court development of Wade, Bosh and James so under wraps that any reporter wishing to cover the camp must pass a background inspection conducted by the military.

Even the hotel the team is staying at is on the air force base, reports ProBasketballTalk. So it seems that not even rogue paparazzi will be able to get snaps of the big three.

Anyone wishing to cover the camp must submit their social security number and drivers license ID and undergo a background check just to get on the base. We're surprised they're not asking reporters to bend over and give proof of their blood type. Normally all that's needed is proof you work for a legitimate news organization.

Reports will also not be able to report things live, as internet access will also be cut in the gym.

Of course, we here at New Times aren't even going to try. It's not so much we're worried about the military banning us. We're already, for some reason, on the Heat's black list.

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Kyle Munzenrieder