Report: GOP Putting Pressure on David Rivera to Resign

Things just keep getting worse for Rep. David Rivera. According to The New York Times, powers that be in his own party are pressuring the congressman to resign just days before early voting begins. Marco Rubio apparently has even been asked to intervene and talk some sense to his friend and former Tallahassee roommate.

"I know the Republicans are putting enormous pressure on him to drop out," Roger Stone told the paper. Stone also made the claim that Rubio has been asked to step in.

Stone is of course the infamous GOP political operative who now makes his home in Miami Beach.

He might not be the most reliable source, and, at this point, its much too late for a replacement candidate to run in Rivera's place. However, it's not breaking news that the GOP has all but written off Rivera.

There have already been rumors of running Jeb Bush Jr. in District 26 in 2014.

It's been an incredibly bad week for Rivera. On Wednesday, a state ethics panel accused him of breaking 11 state ethics laws. An FBI investigation into allegations that he helped run a ringer Democratic candidate in the primary against his opponent Joe Garcia is ongoing.

Even Florida Democrats have jumped on the latest hint of GOP discord.

"Republicans and Democrats agree: It is past time for Rivera to step down and come clean so that law enforcement can do its work, and the people of South Florida can have a leader who is focused on representing middle class families," said Florida Democratic executive director Scott Aceneaux in a statement.

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