Rep. Joe Garcia Makes TMZ for Standing Next to Lady in Thong

In a post Anthony Weiner-gate world, does this even count as a scandal? First-term Miami-Dade Congressman Joe Garcia made it onto TMZ's television show last week for the *gasp* controversial act of being in close proximity to a woman wearing a thong while on the beach.

You can watch the video here if you're into a bunch of dudes standing around body snarking some anonymous woman's backside, but here's the photo:

Since TMZ isn't really interested in practicing much in the way of journalism besides landing dumb scoops there's no information as to when or where the photo was taken, or who the woman is besides being identified as "his chick," though for all we know that could be an assumption. In case you're wondering, Garcia is single, so there's no cheating scandal there.

Does a woman's bikini bottom choices really make a political scandal? The National Republican Congressional Committee seems to hope so.

"Looks like Congressman Garcia has a lot in common with 'Thong Song' singer Sisqo who has also had a run in with the law," read an e-mail sent out by NRCC Regional Spokesperson Katie Prill. "Since Sisqo seems unafraid to break the law, maybe Garcia could hire Sisqo to run his re-elect? I mean how else will Garcia pull off a victory if he doesn't have someone on staff who will commit his next illegal scheme to rig the election?"

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