Rep. Frederica Wilson hasn't done enough to fight Donald Trump or protect her constituents, says Uncle Luke.
Rep. Frederica Wilson hasn't done enough to fight Donald Trump or protect her constituents, says Uncle Luke.

Rep. Frederica Wilson Isn't Doing Enough to Protect Her Constituents From Violence

Frederica Wilson is unfit to serve as U.S. congresswoman representing much of black Miami. She didn't attend Saturday's women's march against Donald Trump, and though she skipped the inauguration, her criticism of the president has been tepid. "He's not a good role model for our children," she said at a recent breakfast.

Wilson should be applying pressure on South Florida U.S. Attorney Willie Ferrer to prosecute the shooters who perpetrated violence against Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade-goers last week at a city park named after the great civil rights leader.

According to investigators, rival gangs exchanged gunfire following the annual event this past January 16. They wounded eight people, including five juveniles. These killers are no different from the John Doe and Boobie Boy gangbangers from the 1990s who rampaged until the federal government got involved.

The feds are good. They quickly took over the investigation of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando last year after crazed gunman Omar Mateen shot 112 people, killing 49. And when deranged military veteran Esteban Santiago carried out his murderous rampage at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport a few weeks ago, he was hit with federal murder charges. In both cases, authorities painted the killers as domestic terrorists.

What took place at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park is no different from the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings. These thugs used violence and intimidation against civilians who wanted to gather peacefully to celebrate the most important political leader in black American history. That's domestic terrorism.

So when Trump courted black voters by noting the Democrats haven't done anything for the African-American community, he was right. It's probably one of the few true statements he's made. And Wilson certainly hasn't come through for black Miami.

If I were in her place, I'd be camped out at Ferrer's office, telling him this is bullshit. Instead, she's running around looking for federal funds to combat the Zika virus and missing events important to her constituents, who live in fear of bullets, not bug bites.

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