Regalado Admits Raising Cash for a Terrorist, Offers Explanation: Everyone Was Doing It!

Almost a month after Riptide broke the story that likely mayor-in-waiting Tomas Regalado once helped lead a fundraiser for Miami's most infamous terrorist, it looks like Regalado has finally admitted his role on the record.

Just don't hold your breath for any real explanation from the candidate.

A quick recap: in 1983, a Spanish-language radio station where Regalado worked as program director helped raise more than $21,000 for the defense fund of Eduardo Arocena. The dockworker was eventually convicted of blasting 32 bombs in NYC and Miami and planning the murder of a New Jersey activist.

Regalado declined to return multiple phone calls from Riptide on the subject -- and even dodged a call from the "King of All Spanish Media," Enrique Santos.

That finally changed in this morning's Miami Herald, where Regalado offered the classic kindergarten playground excuse for supporting Arocena: But everyone else was doing it!

Midway through reporter Charles Rabin's rundown on the longtime city commissioner's campaign for mayor, Regalado admits his role in raising cash for the terrorist and expresses no regrets.

Although his quote is paraphrased, here's what he told the Herald:

Asked if he now regrets the fundraising, Regalado says no and adds that other stations also raised money.

Well, there you have it! Straight from our next mayor's mouth: Raising money for terrorists is cool as long as other people are doing it too.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.